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Leftover material treatment

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The leftover material is a manufacturing enterprise. In the process of producing and manufacturing the product, there is no complete consumption in the original plan, the designed production material and the processing process, and it can not be used to process the surplus waste, crushed material and foot material of the finished product under the product. In general, it is also called "edge corner surplus material". For example, on a square plate, a circular surface is cut to the maximum, and the remaining four right angles and the middle part of the circle line are the leftover material. The surplus of raw materials such as liquid, sand and stone can not be called leftover materials. After the destruction of the processing trade border materials in May 1, 2014, customs clearance needs to be declared, and the trade mode code 0400 (leftover material is destroyed). During the process of production and processing, a large number of leftover materials should be destroyed in the production process.

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