Clothing destruction

Disqualified clothes are destroyed

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The number of waste clothing in our country is very large and the recycling channels are very limited. This is the reason for the weak environmental awareness of the residents. The establishment of the clothing processor company has actively encouraged the residents' awareness of environmental protection, reused the forthcoming discarded old clothes, realized the saving of clothing resources and discarded the waste clothing. For treasure.

Waste clothing is especially common in many homes. People used to buy a new dress in the past year. Now, people have to replace a few sets of clothes in a season. Some clothes are even discarded only once. Some of the upper class people are discarded directly, and these pieces of waste clothing are finally thrown into the trash can, then sent to the dump, and finally the waste incineration and landfill.

Because of the general use of chemical substances, there will be some chemical substances in clothing. If they are treated with incineration clothing, the chemicals are burned into the air after burning and pollute the air environment, and they are buried under the soil and are not easy to degrade, pollute the soil, and cause great pollution and destruction to the environment.

For the disposal of waste clothing, the complete, cleaner ones can be concentrated to be sterilized and then used for charity. Many children in the poor mountain areas are still wearing the cloth, which we should send to the children in need. Great value. Secondly, some old clothes that can't be used can be classified according to their raw materials, and the classified clothes are processed to be split and then recycled into other products.

Garment processing which is strong, Shanghai cloud to help, ecological environmental protection, everyone's responsibility.

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