Destruction of mechanical parts

Destruction of auto parts

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Auto parts destroy: auto parts are components of the whole vehicle and serve for the automobile. Because the illegal merchants have processed the waste parts through simple processing, such as dismantling, assembling, assembling, assembling, painting and painting, and then imposing qualified products for sale, and illegally obtaining high profits; the appearance of inferior products is sometimes good, but because of poor production process, it is easy to crack, sand hole, slag, burr, or bruise; in the "storage" process If the auto parts are dry, oxidizing, chameleon or aging, it may be caused by bad environment, long storage time, poor material, and so on. Because of the replacement of the auto parts, the replacement of the auto parts. We should carry out strict quality control for these products, ensure product consistency and strengthen the quality management of products / parts. The unqualified components in the manufacturing process are resolutely destroyed, never outflow, unqualified accessories are centralized and destroyed, and the inflow of defective products into the market is avoided in time in order to prevent damage to consumers. Interest.

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