Food destruction

Food destruction

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How do food scrap deal with it? How to completely destroy, many times, whether it is the supermarket convenience store or home life, it is unavoidable to meet the overdue situation of food, maybe you think after the expired food, you will directly follow the garbage in the trash can, but the supermarket or enterprise?

If the overdue food is spread in the market, it will not only affect the safety of consumers, but also influence the credit of the enterprise. It is the right way to find a regular way to deal with the discarding of food, that is to find a regular destruction company. We have the strength qualification of national and industry certification. We specializes in providing food scrap treatment, destruction of unqualified products, destruction of clothing, and incineration of defective products for the majority of users, and can provide you with regular destruction proof after processing, so that you can not take care of it.

How to let the product completely destroy, mainly depends on the professional level of the destruction organization, the general regular company can completely destroy the unqualified product, what you want to do is to find the right company. If you choose to be determined to protect the environmental technology, here can tell you about the process of the food scrap specialty.

First contact our staff to determine the name and specifications of the products you want to destroy, and then provide a list of food scrap and the extent to which the product needs to be destroyed. We will make a suitable product destruction scheme according to the information you provide; then you will need the destruction of the product to transport by us. Move to the professional destruction site, the whole process has camera and photo monitoring, supervision of the whole process; then through the two sides to verify the results of food scrap treatment and satisfaction, our company opened the "product destruction certificate" to you, so that the destruction process has been completed.

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