Inspection and destruction of counterfeit

Destruction of all kinds of unqualified products

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In accordance with the provisions of the consumer rights law, the product quality law and the trademark law, adulteration, adulteration, false filling, false filling, or impersonation of qualified commodities in an unqualified commodity are made in accordance with the law on the rights and interests of the consumer's rights and interests. Making or fraudulent use of other people's factory name, site, tampering the production date, forgery or impersonation of certification marks; the goods sold shall be inspected and quarantined without inspection, quarantine or forgery of the results of inspection or quarantine; adulteration, adulteration, false, false, or unqualified products are used in the product. Those who fill the qualified products shall be ordered to stop production and sale, confiscate products illegally produced or sold, and require all products to be destroyed safely. The law enforcement departments of the main industry and commerce, public security, business, quality supervision and food and drug administration, in addition to the economic and criminal penalties for the manufacture of infringed goods and the counterfeiting of registered trademarks, destroy the counterfeit and inferior products safely and environmentally.

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