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Now we focus on the destruction of our products! We are the practitioners of the green earth!       

Environmental Science and Technology Co., Ltd., specializing in industrial hazardous waste comprehensive management services, general industrial products, defective products, unqualified products, overdue products, counterfeit and shoddy products, quality products, metamorphic products and the standard, confidential, safe, environmental protection, and harmless destruction treatment services, The concept of "waste reduction, energy saving and emission reduction, harmless treatment, recycling, green development", protecting the legitimate rights and interests of consumers, and maintaining the reputation of the brand of the enterprise market.

A number of large factories are set up in Southern China, East China, central China, West China and North China to provide customers with one stop service for the collection, classification, transportation and disposal of waste products to provide the CIQ, AIC, SQSB and other departments. Products, production enterprises scrapped, unqualified products, fake and inferior products and other products scrapped, destroyed, consultation and processing service plan.

We have a number of core technologies in the field of hazardous waste management, product destruction and renewable energy. We have a high quality technical R & D team, advanced disposal factories and mechanical equipment in China. We have carried out strategic cooperation with many colleges and universities at home and abroad. After more than 10 years' efforts, we have formed the comprehensive environmental services to meet the needs of social multi industries, and the service capacity of waste safety, environmental protection and destruction. The comprehensive disposal and disposal of all kinds of wastes has reached more than 5000 tons per year. At present, the capacity and scale of disposal and disposal are in the leading position in the industry. At the same time, the company has established and formed a complete set of standardized system processes in the internal management control, which ensures that the enterprise rule Fan Yunhang has become a comprehensive and comprehensive disposal area. One of the environmental services providers with strong disposition.

Your temper endeavour cast, and start a new process. Glory and danger, we are full of honor. Now we are still confident. In the next ten years, the company will rely on rich technical experience, research and development talent, market promotion strength, the integration of international leading environmental technology and management concept, responding to the national environmental protection call, "green earth practitioner" as its own task, to continue to provide more quality services for many international and domestic customers.